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Lovely lot at Barnes Removals, booking team are so helpful, movers are incredible and whole company is just great.    
Yimi Feliz
Wow! Barnes Moving House were brilliant when I was moving stock to a storage facility. They supplied a removal van which came with a driver in with the price. I just had to load and unload. The vans were lovely and clean and insured....    
Dan Snyder
I tried moving my desk a few months ago and nearly pulled muscle. When I was about to move, I didn't see myself being able to shift all of my furniture in and out of houses, so I let Movers Barnes take care of it all. They lifted and...    
Whitney King

How To Choose A Removals Company: Let Barnes Removals Guide You!

Picking the right moving company to work with is a decision that you can’t make overnight. There are so many factors to take into consideration, so many matters to evaluate and so much to weigh in before you make the final call. It may seem like an unnecessary exercise at first, but picking the right house relocation services can make all the difference to your house shifting experience. And if you’re looking for a company that specialises in corporate removals, it’s all the more important to make a careful decision, given how expensive and fragile office equipment can be. Ring us at 020 8746 9602 to get more advice on how to choose a removals company.

Choosing the right house shifting service or office removals services can make all the difference between an average relocation project and a successful one. Before we take a detailed look at how you can make the right choice, let’s first take a moment to define the concept of a successful removal. A successful removal, whether it’s corporate removals or a home relocation, is one that makes the most of available labour, takes the least amount of time, is cost-effective, uses just the right amount of packaging supplies and ensures that everything is transported to the new address safely, and without a scratch.

It may not seem like a lot to ask for on paper, after all, when you’re hiring professional packers and movers you do expect everything to go well, but a lot can go wrong in actual practice. This is where hiring a qualified, responsible and efficient team becomes a much more complicated and challenging task than you expected it to be. Any moving company you contact will claim they do a top-notch job, but how can you be sure?

Here’s a list of some of the factors and indicators based on which you can assess a company’s potential for satisfactory service, before you hire them:
•    Range of home relocation services offered
•    Range of office removals services offered
•    Intensity and frequency of training programs and workshops conducted
•    Quality and variety of packaging materials and packing boxes used
•    Experience in the house moving industry
•    Testimonials and references from previous house removals projects
•    Professionalism and communication skills
•    Pricing
•    Reputation in the relocation services industry

These are all considerations that can help you determine the kind of track record the removals company has maintained and the more positive it is, the greater are the chances of you being satisfied with the packers and movers you hire for your relocation.

The aforementioned factors are self-explanatory, but we think it’s important to touch upon the significance of the first two. The variety and type of house relocation and office removals services a company offers is one of the best traits to judge them by.

A company that doesn’t have a clear, precise and detailed list of the services they have to offer to you is one you should steer clear of: any kind of ambiguity, laziness or lack of transparency, intentional or otherwise, is a marker of a team that doesn’t take itself and the satisfaction of its clients seriously. Why work with a company that doesn’t bother to create a full and comprehensive range of services to help customers and clients in all sorts of situations?

Some of the basic services that all removals teams offer are:
•    Pre-removal reviews
•    Packaging services
•    Lifting and loading services
•    Transport services
•    Clearance services

Apart from these standard services, our team also offers some specialty services, fragile items and valuables relocation services, storage services and more.

Now that you’re acquainted with some of the factors you should base your choice on, we come to the ‘how’ part of the decision-making process. Just how do you evaluate these factors and learn more about the company’s prowess in these areas? Here are some tips on the different ways in which you could get to know more about the company:

Call The Phone Line

Often, the horse’s mouth is the best place to start. You might be cynical about just how truthful a company representative will be, but at least you can get a fairly accurate idea about the rates, the services they provide, timing estimates and so on. The quality of these factors can be judged by the methods mentioned hereafter.

Ask For Testimonials And References That You Can Verify

Recommendations and glowing testimonials from previous customers are certainly a good place to start, but don’t take everything you hear/ read at face value. Paid testimonials aren’t unheard of and it’s common practice to boost the company’s image through false reviews. Ask the team for the contact details of past customers so that you can check and verify their opinions for yourself.

Contact A Local Business’ Authority

Local business’ authorities, government departments and bureaus are often the most credible, professional and meticulous sources of information regarding service providers in an area. You can check for any complaints registered against companies you’re considering as well ask for advice/ suggestions regarding the most popular team.

Check Reviews Online

Online reviews aren’t always the most credible source but you can gauge the general sentiment about a removals company by browsing a variety of reviews. If you notice any specific points being reiterated, you can factor them into your consideration.

Ask For Recommendations

Your friends, family and acquaintances are often the best sources to learn about service providers from. If you hear the name of a particular company recommended often, you know you’ve got yourself a winner!

We cannot stress enough on the importance of working with reputed, trustworthy and well-liked removals specialists. When it comes to ensuring the safety of your belongings, your home and yourself, no amount of research is ever too much. If you’re looking for a company you can trust and that delivers great results, each time, get in touch with us at 020 8746 9602. The Barnes Removals team will guide you through the entire process of booking a removals team and planning your relocation.