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I am extremely impressed by BarnesRemovals' consistent display of professionalism, reliability and friendliness during my move.

  • Marcus Fatley
  • 09Apr 2024

I am pleased with the level of professionalism and efficiency exhibited by Moving to Barnes during my moves.

  • Alfie Cox
  • 11Mar 2024

Using Barnes Relocation Services has saved me from all the hassle and headaches that come with relocating.

  • Sophie Stefans
  • 11Mar 2024

This mover stood out for their remarkable personality, respectful behavior, and calm demeanor. In addition, they possess excellent problem-solving skills. We cannot recommend them enough!

  • Kourtney A
  • 18Feb 2024

The movers were not only quick and efficient, but they also took great care in handling all of my belongings.

  • W. Beck
  • 08Feb 2024

The movers displayed a high level of expertise and attention to detail while working efficiently.

  • Carl King
  • 29Jan 2024

I was impressed with the level of professionalism during my move.

  • Jason Hurt
  • 19Jan 2024

Two moves down and many more to come, I will always choose Barnes Removals for their fast, friendly, and reasonably priced service.

  • Charlie
  • 05Jan 2024

The whole team demonstrated politeness, capability, and a genuinely welcoming demeanor - just what you seek in a moving company. Tremendous worth for your money's worth, and I wouldn't think twice about employing them once more.

  • Natalie Crenshaw
  • 18Dec 2023

Thanks to the staff's knowledge base and diligent support, I have been nothing but amazed by your company's efficiency. Much appreciation for a job well done! Thank You!

  • Kevin Paxton
  • 13Nov 2023

The personnel had been remarkably energetic, organised, interactive plus very mindful. Just about all fragile products had been dealt with very carefully plus they put together plus dismantled the actual eating hallway desk. Superb support. We might certainly make use of all of them once more.

  • Roxy Lang
  • 19Jul 2023

Lovely lot at Barnes Removals, booking team are so helpful, movers are incredible and whole company is just great.

  • Yimi Feliz
  • 26Feb 2018

Wow! Barnes Moving House were brilliant when I was moving stock to a storage facility. They supplied a removal van which came with a driver in with the price. I just had to load and unload. The vans were lovely and clean and insured. Good selection of vans and affordable rental rates, great service!

  • Dan Snyder
  • 02Dec 2015

I tried moving my desk a few months ago and nearly pulled muscle. When I was about to move, I didn't see myself being able to shift all of my furniture in and out of houses, so I let Movers Barnes take care of it all. They lifted and carried all my things for me, so I wasn't at risk of any injury. The move went well and I didn't hurt myself. A win all around.

  • Whitney King
  • 27May 2015