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Lovely lot at Barnes Removals, booking team are so helpful, movers are incredible and whole company is just great.

  • Yimi Feliz
  • 26Feb 2018

Wow! Barnes Moving House were brilliant when I was moving stock to a storage facility. They supplied a removal van which came with a driver in with the price. I just had to load and unload. The vans were lovely and clean and insured. Good selection of vans and affordable rental rates, great service!

  • Dan Snyder
  • 02Dec 2015

I tried moving my desk a few months ago and nearly pulled muscle. When I was about to move, I didn't see myself being able to shift all of my furniture in and out of houses, so I let Movers Barnes take care of it all. They lifted and carried all my things for me, so I wasn't at risk of any injury. The move went well and I didn't hurt myself. A win all around.

  • Whitney King
  • 27May 2015