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About Us

Barnes Removals is a professional removals company that specialises in house removals and corporate removals of all varieties, sizes and scales. We offer a large variety of removals, storage and relocation services to our clients and are proud to have earned the reputation of being a hardworking, trustworthy and efficient London-based moving company.

As a professional moving company based in London, one of the busiest cities in the world, we have handled hundreds and thousands of house removals, corporate removals and student removals in a short span of time. We’ve handled one-person, one-room removals as well as large, overseas home removals and speedy office removals and have, over time, perfected the science of approaching each removals project as a unique task.

As a relatively young company, we take great pride in having built up a large client base in such a short span of time, and also in the scores of positive reviews and testimonials that have been given to us. We understand the value of trust in an industry that deals primarily with handling and taking care of people’s belongings. We know that when you invite us into your home and give us the duty of storing and transporting your belongings, you are also letting us into your lives and that is a responsibility that we do not take lightly. At Barnes Removals, everything else is secondary: upholding the customer’s trust and meeting expectations is our prerogative.

To begin with, we offer a myriad of corporate removal services and house shifting services. We can provide you with professional guidance and assistance through all the stages: preparing, packing, lifting, loading, storage, transportation and unloading. We also offer assembling and disassembling services for large items and furniture that have to be taken apart before they can be packed and moved.

We understand that a full range of services is an important aspect of any office or house move, but we don’t just stop there: we’re also pleased to have earned the reputation of being one of friendliest, most helpful and most inviting house moving team working in London. In an industry where you often find clients complaining of brusque, rude and unhelpful service providers, we are happy to be able to assist you through the entire process. Whether you’ve got questions about the house moving process, you’d like information about packaging supplies or you’d like to learn a few tricks from us while we pack and move for you, we love to interact with and share our expertise with our clients.

Our packers and movers are a hardworking team of highly trained, skilled and experienced service providers who have undergone rigorous training and testing in various niches of the removals and relocation services industry. Our team is fully equipped to carry out even the most demanding removals project with the greatest ease.

We hope this website helps you get more information and advice on the different aspects of removals. If you’d like to learn more about Barnes Removals, or book a relocation date with us, give us a call at 020 8746 9602 or get in touch with us through this website!