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Protect Your Fragile And Valuable Items With Our Removals Services

House removals are normally seen as a taxing and worrying experience, but if you plan smart and prepare well in advance, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to make a pleasant experience out of the activity. One of the best ways to take some of the load off your shoulders is to hire a reliable moving company to handle your house relocation. If you’d like to work with a dependable and responsible house shifting company in London, Barnes Removals is one of the most recommended relocation services in the city. Call us today at 020 8746 9602 for more information on how we can be of assistance to you.

Our comprehensive relocation services are aimed at completely alleviating your load and we encourage our clients to relax and perhaps attend to other tasks since we’ll be managing the packing and moving ourselves.

That said one of the major worried during a home relocation is about the safety of one’s things. While most people do find comfort in hiring professionals, we understand that extra concern about breakable, fragile and valuable items is absolutely justified. After all, these are special things and as such, require special care.

We appreciate a little advance notice from our clients regarding specialty and novelty items, especially if they’re unusually large or heavy things. For instance, in order to be able to move grand pianos safely we need to be given advance notice so that we may carry particular packaging supplies for the same. A little heads-up helps us to prepare for special removals needs so that we may do a great job for you.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which we ensure the safety of your things. When you work with an established firm like ours, our packers and movers will prepare, pack and transport all your things with the utmost precision and precaution. We intensify these efforts further and also use some speciality packaging techniques when it comes to fragile and valuable good.

One of the most dependable ways of ensuring the safety of your precious belongings is to only use quality packaging materials and packing boxes. We have a fantastic collection of packaging supplies and you can order affordable, high quality packaging materials and packing boxes from us. Get the packaging supplies before the day of the move. Combining high quality packing materials with quality packing services from one reliable moving company will go a long way in ensuring the safety of your things.

Prepare and keep the fragile items to one side, somewhere where they are safe. When our packers and movers arrive, you should point out the special items so that they know that those have to be treated with care.

If you’re worried about regular items that are made of breakable materials, such as glassware and dishes and crockery, don’t be. Our expert packing team uses smart packing tricks and cushioning materials to prepare each item carefully before it’s put into the box. We use lots of bubble wrap and tissue wrapping paper to cushion each item fully. We also make sure that boxes are filled just right: we don’t jam-pack them because that might cause the box to break or strain, but we’re also careful about not leaving any space for things to move around in.

Once we’re done with the packing stage, we mark packing boxes with fragile items in bold and write FRAGILE on them clearly so that these can be placed separately or on the tops of other boxes inside the self-storage unit. When you’re unpacking in your new place, make sure you treat these boxes with the attention they need!

If you’re just as enthused about your home removals as we are, give us a call at 020 8746 9602. The Barnes Removals team will be thrilled to get your project underway!