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3 Steps to Effectively Pack House Stuff

There are several tasks many people don't like performing: cleaning, washing dishes and moving to a new place. Truth is, the least enjoyable of those three is  packing stuff during a move out. Having to pack the whole house sometimes seems impossible and too stressful. There are, however, several steps which you can use to make the packing less burdensome and easier. In fact, they are the basic rules when packing during a move.

Step one: Make a list: Write everything down. Start with writing the items, which you will need to pack. If you have items, that you are not taking with you, have them placed in a different box labeled ‘'Charity''. When you have written down all the items, you are going to pack, start placing them in the boxes. Make sure to put numbers on all the boxes and describe on the list: What is it in each box? For example, you can write ‘'box 1 - spoons and dishes''. Thus, you can keep track of all your possessions and ensure that nothing will be lost. Make sure to label the boxes; don't label them when you are done with the packing, but immediately. Keeping track of your items is the best you can do to be organized and make the packing process much easier.
Step two: Start packing in advance. Any item that you can pack ahead can save you time on moving day. For example, if you are moving during winter, pack your summer clothes at least two weeks before the actual packing day. You can also get other items, which you know you will not use, like an extra shampoo or toothpaste. It is a good idea to start packing step by step and with a smaller amount of items, than to have to pack all your stuff in one day. For your comfort and to make the whole moving process easier, you better start packing your things at least one week before moving out. Leave those things that will be most necessary, like some clothes, a couple of dishes and another stuff you will need right away.

Step three: Gather all the supplies you are going to need. Most probably you will need many boxes and the more you can get, the easier it will be for you. The good news is that, if a moving company provides you with, you can return those you have not used. You should prepare boxes boxes for the last minute items. Remember that you can't have too many boxes. Apart from boxes, you will need plastic packing tape to close them. Furthermore, you are going to need bubble wrap to cover your items. This will protect your fragile stuff from breaking during the move out. When you collect your boxes make sure to get wardrobe boxes as well. These are tall boxes, which can be used to pack items, such as pillows, blankets and clothes. Before packing your clothes, measure them to see how many wardrobe boxes you will need. However, if you have more boxes, you can use them for another stuff like shoes or large baskets.

Even though, packing may not be that fun and your favorite task to perform, using these three simple steps can make it much easier and bearable and less stressful. These are, in fact, the basics of packing which everyone should know and use. Now that you know how to organize your moving easier and you can even have fun with it.