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Adjusting to Your New Flat

How do you make yourself feel as welcome as possible in your own new flat? Well, there are basically two things you can do:   #1 - Make your flat a welcoming place   Everything about your flat (the look, feel, smell, convenience, etc.) should make you want to come home. The colours that you choose should be something that appeals to you. However, if you have tendencies towards loud, bright colours, you may want to think of decorating with toned-down versions of these colours, since this will make it easier and less psychologically stressful for you to stay home for long periods of time. Also, use some old furniture together with the new, so that you retain some sense of familiarity. Finally, make sure that you have every convenience that will make staying home enjoyable and practical. This may or may not include having a pet.   #2 - Make memories in your flat   Bring your family, friends and neighbours over for a good time. If you're comfortable with the idea, have meetings there and prepare dinner for your colleagues. That way, your flat will become more than just a place where you eat and sleep.