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Buying or selling a Harringay property, Who you will need to deal with

When selling a property you own in Harringay, there are many different factors and jobs which need to be taken care of, almost simultaneously. If you are unsure or worried about any aspect of the sale or move, it is wise to seek the guidance and service of many professional. This will make the whole process much more bearable for you and your family.Here are a few professionals who can offer assistance during the sale 1.    A Mortgage LenderA mortgage lender is a person or company who lends you the money to buy your property. Unless you have a couple of hundred thousand pounds stashed away, you are going to require a loan. You will be loaned the money over so many years, the longer the term the smaller the payments, but the more overall you will pay back. There are many different loan companies, from banks to supermarkets, all offering various rates and services. In is essential you don’t rush into any deals you think are good until you have shopped around. Always use a reputable lender, one that is well know, this will give you more peace-of-mind. 2.    A Chartered SurveyorsBefore you can sell your property, it will be necessary to request the service of a chartered surveyor. They will check the building from top to bottom and list all the good and bad points of the house, almost like an M.O.T for a car. They will give you an estimated value of the property and a list of jobs that needs to be carried out, if any are required.3.    An Estate AgentIf you are buying or selling a property, the chances are at some point you will have to contact an estate agent. If you are buying a property, you will most likely be arranging viewing of houses or offices through an estate agent. They advertise and promote properties on behalf of clients who are selling. They can answer any questions you have regarding the property and organise viewing within time periods defined by the seller. If you are selling your property, an estate agent will do this on your behalf; they will take measurements and photographs of the entire building and attached land, and then advertise in their shop. They will either work on a fixed price or a percentage of the property value, so consider your house price before you sign any deals. 4.    Conveyances.  It is important to hire a solicitor to assist you with all the legal aspects that come with selling a property. They will handle all the paperwork on your behalf. They handle the finances, accepting funds from the mortgage lender and forwarding on to the sellers bank account. The contracts will be written up by the solicitor and exchanged on a specified date; you will then be given access to the keys by the estate agent. It is important when using any of these professionals to find out their prices and services before you sign any contracts. Be aware that sales can fall through for the simplest of things. So whenever you have a task to do, i.e. signing documents and returning them, make sure you double check every piece of paperwork you sign and return as soon as you can. Keep in touch with your solicitor and mortgage providers throughout the process, and then if any letters are overlooked or lost, you will still get important information you may have missed. If you have any queries or problems, always let the appropriate people know as soon as possible.