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Choosing a Removal Company - The Costs

Moving is an expensive old affair, whether you are renting or buying. There always seems to be something else that needs buying, another service that needs paying for. When it comes to actually getting your belongings from A to B, there are now a wealth of options available to people on any manner of budget, so it makes sense to shop around. But how much does hiring a removal company actually cost? Well, that depends on what you want from them. In days gone by there were only two options available to the person on the move; hiring a van and moving everything themselves or employing a team of removals experts to take care of everything. The former was cheap but stressful and exhausting, the latter tended to be on the expensive side but hassle-free. Removal companies now tend to offer a lot more than just those two traditional services, although they do tend to be good options for many, including storage and packing options. Therefore it is difficult to say how much moving costs, without basing that statement on an exact scenario. The most important things is to set a budget and decide what you want before look for quotes and speaking to company representatives. If you are going to be employing a fully-manned removal service, there are a number of things that will affect the price they quote you. Obviously the greater volume and weight of items to be moved, the larger the price as more manpower and vehicle capacity is needed to move it. But think about timing as well – weekends and/or school holidays are peak moving times so prices will be higher here. Next consider how quickly you want it done – do you need your four-bedroomed house packed up and moved within a day, or could you find somewhere else to stay for the night? Allowing time will mean less manpower is required which should in theory bring the cost down. Having the professionals pack for you will also incur a cost as required man-hours go up substantially. There is a lot to consider, which is why the majority of good removal companies will want to visit your current home to assess the situation and talk through the fine details with you. From there they should provide a written quotation for the exact services you need. Because every move is different, it is often difficult to give an overview of price and prices vary dramatically up and down the country. You could be looking at as low as £300 - £500 to move the contents of a small two bedroomed house anywhere up to a few thousand pounds for a large property packed with expensive items. You need to be prepared for costs like this and set a budget accordingly, and these prices don't even take into account packing or the provision of materials. These would incur additional costs. Van hire and/ or man with a van hire could be considerably cheaper, but again you have to factor in physical and emotional costs. Hiring a large transit van can be as little as £30/day, but they will use up a lot of fuel, especially when full of belongings. Man with van services tend to be somewhere around double that price, but you do get the safety net of a removal expert to help you along the way.