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Disadvantages of DIY Removals

When you’re moving house you have two options, either you hire a removal company to accompany you on the move or you simply do it yourself! Both of these options are doable however hiring a removal company does have its benefits over not hiring. If you are currently undecided about whether to hire removals or not, you should consider the pros and cons first and then ultimately make that decision. In this article we are going to focus on why we feel hiring a removal company is the best decision you can make, when moving house. We will be pinpointing and focusing on what the disadvantages of not hiring are. Disadvantages of DIY removals Do you have a van?Firstly you have to consider the van, do you have one? Or do you need to get one? If you have a decent sized transit van that is suitable to accommodate even your biggest sofas and wardrobes then you may be able to go ahead and do a successful job of moving house without any extra help, however, if this is not the case, you need to find a van! You could borrow friends vans if they allow you to, but you may still have to pay the fuel costs etc unless your friend is extremely kind enough to foot the bill! If you are paying for it anyway then maybe you should seek what the costs are to hire with a removal company because you never know, it may cost the same, and you have to consider that hiring with a company comes with its added benefits which we are going to discuss below. Do you have help?Unless you already have the help of some strong and reasonably fit people to assist you with all of the heavy lifting then you may have to consider hiring the help. Moving house is extremely hard work, and it can be back braking if heavy items are not lifted in the correct way. You have to ask yourself, do I really want to take that risk? Removal men are there to do all the hard work for you, and they know exactly how to lift and move those heavy goods safely. What about packing?When moving house there is a lot of packing involved! You could go out and collect your own boxes, but are they suitable packaging for your goods or any random box that could collapse? Removal companies usually offer a packing service which provides the correct materials for the job; they may even visit your home to quote on how much it will be to pack your contents too. All of this could save you heaps of time and maybe even money.What about Insurance for your goods? One of the benefits of using a packing service and allowing the removal men to actually do the packing is that is usually comes with insurance. If anything were to go wrong at least you know the cost of your contents is covered!Loading and unloading your goods!Trying to move all of your contents without help, it extremely hard work. When you do not have the experience in loading and loading a van properly, you’re prone to injury and your contents could get damaged during transit.You could up getting help from dodgy tradesmen! Without being prepared, a last minute decision to find a man and van could lead you to hiring some dodgy tradesman that is not trust worthy. Be careful who you hire!Its time consuming! Without help, it’s without a doubt time consuming; you could get the job done in half the time with professional help at hand!Its hard work! Finally, the bottom line is its hard work moving house but without hiring help, you could double how hard the work is. Help on hand will definitely make the job easier!