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Hiring out a Removal Firm? How to Make Your Money Stretch Further

Moving is an extremely expensive and stressful process: the stress of finding a new home and finding someone to take yours can be overwhelming at times, and the price of paying agency fees and removal firms can be steep. Stress also comes in the form of packing and organising. In order to relieve the move of stress, most people opt to use a removal firm to deal with all their transport needs. Although this will add to the cost of the whole moving process, you will, one way or another, have to fork out some money for a removal service, so you might as well buy the most comprehensive and hands on service.For the price you pay for a removal firm, they will send over their professional movers to come into your home, take everything you to move out of your house and load it in the van, and then drive that van to your new residence and unload the contents of the van into it. But the most important thing you get in return for the price is not having to do it yourself: when the movers arrive on move-out day, all you’ll have to do is open the door to let them in. However, as touched upon before, hiring out a removal firm can be extremely costly. But, a lot of times, it is the only way to transport everything you own. If, for example, you are moving a fair distance away and have a lot of items to load into the van, you’ll need a big vehicle with labour help. The only way you’ll be able to get that is to hire out a removal service.There are, however, ways in which you can save money when it comes to hiring out a removal service. Here are just a few handy tips:1)    Get as many quotes as possibleWhether you live in Cornwall, London, or Inverness there will be multiple removal firms operating in your area. If possible, try and get a quote from every single one that operates within a reasonable distance of you. Do not take the first quote you get – this will most likely not be the cheapest one. Instead get as many quotes as you physically can, and then use the quotes against each other in order to force the price of removal firms down. Some removal firms cannot be negotiated on price, but many can. It doesn’t hurt to try and haggle if you are working to a small budget. 2)    Ask if they are willing to throw in anything extraPhysically transporting all your items from A to B is not the only service that removals firms offer. Most good and reputable removal firms will offer their clients a wide range of services, from a full packing service to temporary storage and many others.If, for example, you also require someone to do your packing for you, ask a removal company if you can get a discount if you use two services. Or if you require temporary refuge for your possessions because your move-out date is a day or two before your move-in date, ask if they’ll throw in their temporary storage service for free if you hire their removal service.3)    Ask for discountsIf you are looking for a removal company online, you should be able to find a few removal firms who are willing to knock off a percentage if you book online. Even if it’s only 10%, that 10% could amount to over £20! Remember, it never hurts to ask.