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Home Removals: The Things You Should Absolutely Know

Loads of clothes dumped in the middle of the living room, the refrigerator pulled up to the middle of the room, the bathroom items tossed together in one bag and the spices spilled all over the floor. If this scenario seems familiar and if it’s your worst nightmare, you really need to learn how to deal with moving house.Truth be told, planning things ahead will save you from a lot of trouble later and it is something you absolutely need to do if you don’t want to lose your mind during the process of moving house. We wanted to make your life at bit easier and we gathered the most important tips every single mover out there should definitely know. Continue reading and find out these tips. 1.    The company matters. You really want to make sure you hire a truly professional and reliable moving company. In the end, you may want to pay a bit more and lower the risks of having anything broken (and consequently repaired). Make sure you hire a removals company or a man and van hire that is actually suitable for your needs. Most frequently removals companies come with larger trucks and probably with more people to help you out. Also, pay attention to the fact that not all men and vans and not all companies are the same. In fact, the policies practiced by each one can differ a lot and you should definitely pay attention to every single detail about the way in which they work. From small details such as the fact that they will need a diagram of the new place and the fact that they will provide you with coloured labels to use during packing to larger things such as the capacity of their truck/van, every single bit of information matters.2.    Pack in an organised way. Generally speaking you should start packing your things about one month before the moving date. However, keep in mind that you should start packing the things you don’t use very much and then move on to the things you use on a daily basis. Also, remember that you should leave some of the basic things out (and this includes almost anything you will want to use a few days before and after the moving date). Even more than that, always pack the most difficult things first and then move to the ones that are easier (for instance, larger furniture that requires lots of disassembly should be packed first). 3.    Leave the place clean. Especially if you have been living in rent, you should absolutely make sure that the apartment or house you are leaving behind is absolutely sparkly clean. Most likely, your landlord will make this a condition and some of them will actually request you to call for the services of a cleaning company. Even if they don’t make this a “must”, it is still the best option because it will save you the hassle and the waste time of having to clean up your old place (which, by the way, can be very time-consuming even if the place was maintained well). Keep in mind that some of the removal companies out there can help you with the cleaning part as well so it might be worth asking. 4.    Don’t clean the upholstery, carpets and the other items that are not packed in bags or boxes before moving. It will only make you do the same job twice. Once you set yourself up at the new place, you can call in the pro’s and have them clean all these items.