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How to Overcome Removal Day Jitters

So after months of packing, stressing and countless sleepless nights, the day has finally come – removal day! You are ready to have all your possessions transported to a new destination and are ready to say goodbye to your current location. This article aims to make you feel more at ease on the day of the move. Follow these tips and your move will go perfectly, leaving your hair the natural colour that it is, as opposed to white from stress! On the day of the big move you and any other family members involved in the move are very nervous. In addition, the excitement becomes indescribable. Your emotions become a cocktail which can only end badly right? Wrong! The big day should be enjoyed and this is exactly how to do it. Planning is the key to everything from organising the move, deciding on dates, and even packing. The more in advanced you book, the less likely it is that things go wrong. A moving checklist really helps to make sure that all tasks that need to be done are in fact done. Last minute rushing is inevitable but the fact of the matter is that if it is too late to do something, it should not be done! Positivity and motivation will get you everywhere! Remember, positive thinking encourages positive doing. If things are not going according to plan, do not lose hope and give up. If worse comes to worst and you need a boost of motivation, take a break, have a coffee or a cigarette and re-evaluate the situation. Once your positivity and motivation is back, it’s time to get on the horse again and get things back on track. Chances are that you are not the only one involved in the move. You may be working with professional removers, family members, neighbours or friends. Remember that they are there to help you. Vending your anger out on them will not get the job done any quicker. In fact, it may leave some bitter feelings, which no one really desires. If you find yourself getting angry, remember that even though this is your move, you’re obliged to be thankful for everyone’s help. Keep your voice down and avoid swearing due to frustration. Offering regular refreshments and breaks can help make everyone feel more relaxed and will also keep spirits high. Although some time delays may be inevitable, it is wise to check the time regularly to make sure that you are not too far off the pre-prepared schedule that you have made. Removers are often paid at an hourly rate, so do not be too laid back unless you have extra cash to flaunt. This is your move, meaning that you are in charge. It is wise to allocate everyone with a job to do. Do not expect everyone to automatically know what they are supposed to be doing. Even professional removers who know what to do may need some guidance.   Finally, manners never cost anything. When all your belongings are in the van, your flat, house or office is empty and you are ready to go, do not neglect those who have helped you. Take the time out to thank everyone for their help. The best way to do this is over some refreshments. If you are using professional removal services, a small tip is an excellent way to say thank you. Following these basic steps will ensure that your move goes smoothly, with as little stress as possible.