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Moving Special Items

Packing and transporting you things during a move is easy enough - packing aside - but things are different when it comes to special and unique items. Naturally, they hold a lot of value to you - sentimental, financial or both - but nevertheless, the fact remains that you will need some extra care and effort if you want to make their transport part of the move.
One of the most practical solutions is to hire an outfit with experience in transporting such items - may they be plants or big items like a piano and such - an experience moving company will be able to help you work through it all and make things flow much more efficiently, and keeping your things safe besides. You can ask about a company's experience when you contact them for a quote and other inquiries. You should also ask about the fees they charge for such services, as moving special items is naturally not a part of the normal range of services included in a moving package.
When it comes to smaller items, you should also consider packing them with lots of protective materials such as bubble wrap and packing peanuts, which will give them enough cushioning during transport. Be sure to also label them accordingly and indicate which side of the box must always be on top.