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Preparing For Your House Removal

Preparing for your house move can give you a lot to worry about. From where to get your packing materials to how to properly load your removal van, there are dozens of things that need your thorough and careful planning to ensure that your moving day goes off without a hitch. When it comes to preparing for your house move it’s impossible for you to do too much, and if you’re looking for the best place to start then have a read of this guide of helpful tips and advice to ensure you have the stress-free and easy moving day that you and your family deserve! -    There’s no such thing as starting too early!As soon as it’s confirmed that you’ll be moving house, it’s time for you to start planning and packing. Think about sourcing your packing boxing and packing materials, and as soon as you’re ready you can start boxing up those non-essential items ready for transportation. -    Hiring a removal company.If you decide to hire a removal company then it’s important that you know that many services become booked up months in advance. You can begin your search online but be wary of start-up companies that might not have the experience you need. The best way for you to find a removal company is through the recommendations of friends or family, so start asking around to find out about reliable removal services in your area. -    Planning your actual day.Once you have your removal services booked and you’ve begun packing up your home it’s time to start planning your day. Create a rough itinerary of what will be happening and when – consider which rooms will need to be packed and unpacked first, and think about how many items (either boxes or furniture) will be able to fit into your removal van per trip. There’s no such as too much planning, but be wary of keeping to a strict schedule. Sometimes things are out of your control, and you don’t want to cause yourself more stress if you aren’t able to keep to the schedule you’ve created! -    Planning what goes into your essentials boxes.Essentials boxes are the boxes that contain the things you’re most likely to need immediately. They’d typically be organised by room, so for example, your kitchen essentials box might have enough plates, cutlery and teabags to get you through the first twenty-four hours in your new home. Think about bathroom essentials, as well as bedroom necessities such as clean bedding. This will save you having to rip open all of your boxes trying to find something specific! -    Loading and unloading the van.Try to have some sort of plan when it comes to loading and unloading your removal vehicle. Start with the bigger items such as your appliances or furniture, followed by your essentials boxes. Make sure everything that’s of the most importance is moved to your new property swiftly and easily to save you the stress and hassle of misplacing it later! -    Furniture placement.Plan our where your furniture is going to go in your new home before moving day. This will help you to stay organised and can make your unpacking process both faster and easier. Run your ideas by your removal assistants so that they can quickly get to work unloading the van and shifting your furniture around!