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Relocating to Rural Areas

Many people have the idea that relocating to the countryside is boring - a foolish decision to make. "Why on earth would I move there?" Some would say. But this kind of mentality is very narrow, and very stereotypical - moving to the country does have its benefits and more than you can think of.
For one, it's far away from all the pollution and smog and dust and noise of the city. This makes the countryside a much healthier environment to live in. The food tends to be fresher and the whole surrounding area is just - pleasant. Much more pleasant to live in than in the city.
Moving to the country IS naturally very different from the kind of pace we're used to in urban areas, but for many, as long as there is a stable and reliable internet connection (yes, rural areas have internet too) it's even a great place to work. The peace and quiet is great for all kinds of work, and many people find that it's easier to concentrate on working when you're in the country.
Don't always be so quick to dismiss living and even working from the countryside. It's a great place to live and, and while definitely not for everyone, is not without its benefits that many also might enjoy.