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Staying Calm in the Days before Moving Day

Every person who's moved house knows how tough and frustrating this process can be. Ideally you will know a few months in advance that you are going to relocate, so you have plenty of time to plan and organise everything. However, there never seems to be enough time to complete all of the tasks that you need to sort out: sorting out items, taking the inventory, throwing away items, donating, or selling old stuff, buying packing materials, packing, cleaning, disassembling furniture, packing furniture ready to be moved, loading, unloading, unpacking, organising the new home and so on and so forth. There are many tasks which you need to take care of. It's easy to get stressed out in the very beginning, whilst you're still trying to figure out what's going on and how to deal with this huge task. Making a checklist and then taking the inventory, are both lengthy tasks that are not that easily manageable, especially if you're doing them on your own. The process gets especially hectic a few weeks before moving day. With this big day approaching, things seem to get tougher and time just flies. Everyone is rushing, packing, sorting out items, trying to keep old stuff and pack them. It's easy to feel overwhelmed by the whole process and wish you could just sit down and relax. However, if you are like most people who would love to save some money on their move, then you'd be best to deal with the packing on your own. This doesn't mean that you are all alone though, as you can always call a few friends or relatives and organise a weekend of packing. This way you will manage much quicker. Chances are most of the people you call have done a move or two so they will have an idea what to do and how to help you out in the most efficient way.

So what should you do in order to stay as calm as possible then the big move is fast approaching? One of the most successful rules is to get plenty of help from people you trust and who you know you can count on. A move is a big experience in your life, so you might as well involve your closest friends. This way you will manage much quicker and you will enjoy the packing and sorting out more.

Another good rule is to print out a checklist for the week or each day and follow it vigorously. This applies to the people who are helping you, too. Give them their tasks and organise the area so that people are not getting in each other's way.

Stay focused on the task you are doing at the moment - pack box by box and room by room and keep track of everything you pack. Be extra careful with fragile items and things that have sentimental value to you. Packing on your own is definitely tricky, as you will not be insured for any damage or breakages. Don't despair though - millions of people pack for a move themselves and relocate every year, so it's nothing to worry about.

Get help, stay focused, follow your checklist and stay positive - these great tips will help you manage better that you could have imagined. House relocation doesn't just involve the moving of your personal items, but it's also an emotional experience and it can be as exciting as you make it.