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Storage and Self Storage Options

Storing your own things, or getting someone to store them for you is a good solution to the problem of not having enough space. If you've decided to store your stuff, here is some advice to consider when thinking about where to put it.Firstly, consider asking your family and friends if they have any free space you can make use of. Do they have a basement or attic that you can put things in? Do they have spare rooms with a lot of space? Do they have any sheds or outdoor spaces you could leave things in? These are all places you could think about asking to use. Do make sure you ask permission though, or you may find your things aren't there to collect when you find a home for them!  Another option is to ask your local council if they have any options for you. A lot of councils have facilities to take things away for you if you call ahead. Some may even offer storage options. Check your local council's website to find out what they can do for you. A very popular option is to make use of private companies that offer storage space. Some of these are in the city centre and others located at the edge of towns and cities in industrial estates. With these you can pay what is usually a reasonable monthly fee depending on the volume of things you want to store. It is usually possible to get a quote up front, to find out how much it is going to cost you. These self-storage companies also often offer bespoke packaging materials to help you get packed up as efficiently as possible. They may also offer the facility to come and take the things away from your house and store them for you. Most self-storage facilities are secure, having 24 hour surveillance, so there's very little chance of your things being damaged or stolen. These companies are also often very flexible with their terms, you usually don't have to give more than a week's notice before you can take out your things. In addition to this, access is continuous, you can get in and take out stuff as and when you need. If you are considering a removal company, think about man and van, who offer all of the facilities above. Another solution for getting rid of your surplus stuff is to put it on the internet. You could list it on auction sites or put it up for sale on public internet noticeboards. The one drawback of this is that you don't know the buyer, so a lot of this is done on trust. Otherwise, you could give things away for free on the internet, or through public noticeboards. This way you know your things are going to a good home. If you have things you don't necessarily need any more, you could throw them away. As previously mentioned, call the council and ask if they can take it away for you, or otherwise hire a van to take things to your local waste disposal centre. If you are in rented accommodation, ask your landlord for some help. They may have other resources at their disposal to help you out, such as other properties currently not being rented that they will allow you to use as temporary storage.All in all, self storage is a very strong option, although there are a number of different choices you can make.