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Things That Happen on the Moving Day

The question most families and homeowners on the move ask regularly is what happens on the moving day? How does the process of relocation work and what do they need to be prepared about? This is of course a great question as it seems that not many of us know what to do on the moving day and how to manage. If you've never done a house move before then keep reading. Here are some of the top things that families forget to do on or before the moving day, which may cause certain problems.

One of the things you should take care of is saving room for the moving truck. Does it sound like common sense to you? Well, many people aren't even aware of the size of a moving truck, not to mention planning where the truck will park. The key is to have the shortest distance possible between your door and the truck. The space for parking should be enough so there are no obstacles on the way between your place and the truck. You have to ensure the same for the new home too - the moving truck needs enough space to park so the unloading can proceed by plan. Any obstacles in terms of parking and you will definitely be charged extra. This is closely connected with another common issue - make sure you have notified the neighbors about the upcoming move in advance. They should be aware of the parking space that you need, as well as be prepared for the noise and carrying of big boxes and furniture. If you are moving during the weekend, inform them at least 2-3 weeks earlier in case they are making any plans. Moreover, during the weekend more cars are parked on the street which can also be a problem.

Remember that you need to have enough cash throughout the moving day and straight after moving in. One of the musts is to tip the movers, but you will also need cash for buying snacks or drinks. Before the moving day comes you need to be sure what you need to do with the house keys. If you are renting the place, talk to the landlord in advance to arrange the easier option. If it's your own home, talk to the real estate agent or directly with the new owners. Make sure you have collected all copies of the keys, so you can deliver them all. You also need the keys to your new home so arrange that before it's too late. Any delays on your side which might make the movers wait for you will cost you more money. If you are driving with your family to the new location, have detailed directions and make sure you arrive before the moving truck - this is really important. Make sure you know where to park and give directions to the driver too - this will be much appreciated and will secure an easier transportation. Moving day is not a day for experiments, so make sure you are as prepared as possible. Making mistakes on the moving day is inevitable, but you can try to avoid the ones that will cost you extra money and will result in rushing, stress and frustration.