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Tips On Why You Should Hire A Man And Van Rental Service

If you find yourself short on time when it comes to moving a load then hire a manned removal service. Man and van teams are the best solution when you want anything shifting from one location to another. It is the convenient way of keeping your goods protected. They are experts at handling all situations in the moving industry. You can shift anything and everything locally or further afield. Distance isn’t a problem with removal companies. There is also the advantage of having assistance from a skilled driver, who is also experienced at loading and unloading your things safely. Here are some points to consider when hiring a reliable company. 1. Choose a trustworthy firmDo your research and make sure you hire a reputable company. There can be a lot of cowboys who might not do a good job. Ask around locally if anyone can recommend a reliable removal company to use, if not source the internet or local papers for companies in your area. Often there is plenty of choice and the internet will have testimonials to read about other people’s experiences. You will also be able to apply for a quote and contact them for more information on services and prices. 2. Cover all the necessary detailsWhen you have established your chosen firm and service, make sure you discuss all the details of your move. You will need an accurate measure on the weight you are moving and when you want the move to take place. Ask about all hidden extras such as delays, fuel charges and insurance cover on the contents and journey. Check for extra charges for working overtime if a move is taking longer than expected. Do you need extra services such as packing supplies and services? The list can be endless and there is a lot of planning needed whenever you move anything. 3. Man and van benefitsOne of the major advantages to hiring a man and van rental is that you have a skilled driver who will load and unload your things skillfully. Manned services save you the time and effort when it comes to shifting a load of items. From business stock, equipment and furniture to household appliances and furniture you can employ these experts to move almost anything. The driver will arrive armed with the proper materials to move your load. It is surprising how complex the relocation is you need blankets to protect your things, straps to secure boxes and furniture to stop moving whilst in transit, and trolleys to lend a hand with heavy pieces. 4. Time saving tipsYou could save time when you want to hire this type of service and do your own packing. Make sure you don’t overfill the boxes, try to keep them a similar weight. Wrap individual breakable times and package well in a box with bubble wrap or newspaper. Label clearly all of your things. Large pieces need to be wrapped in plastic sheets of film and secured with strong tape. Make an inventory so you can log everything you have moved. Doing you won packing will cut costs, but you can also arrange for this service to be done by the driver. Just inform the company in advance. 5. Final tips for you manned removal serviceMoving needs organising and planning so allow plenty of time. Don’t leave everything until the last minute. If possible book a date in advance and keep the company informed of any changes to the date and delivery. It is possible to move at short notice but there may be premium costs for express services.