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Top 10 Tips For Moving!

So you are moving house but where do you start? Here are my top 10 tips for moving and you will be in your new home in no time at all. It’s as easy as this;1.    Plan!Plan ahead or as soon as you get confirmation of a date for removal. In fact even at the mere thought of moving it’s never too early to plan ahead, make a list of what you feel is important and try not to keep all of those stresses locked into your head which could lead to sleepless nights amongst other things. It’s better to clear your minds and have it all written down on paper instead. A bit like a checklist, you can tick off as you go along!2.    Sort!Start sorting out all of your belongings, do one room at time and work through the whole house. Establish what goods you would like to keep and what you can get rid of. Try to sell whatever you don’t use and make a profit which could come in very handy will helping to pay the cost of home removals or decorating the new home. Be generous and give away things you cannot sell as reducing the clutter is the main aim and you do not want to be taking all of your hoarded clutter to the new home. But rather than throwing away good things, either give them to family or friends or take them to your nearest charity shop. And finally if it’s broken or useless, take it to the tip!3.    Seek!Start looking for good reputable removal companies, ones who are recommended by others. You want to hire movers than can help alleviate the stress, not add to it! You are looking to hire a company that offer you a fast and efficient move. Internet searches and asking around can help to discover who’s hot and who’s not!4.    Quote!Try to obtain a list of good reputable companies that specialise in all aspects of removals but specifically they meet your requirements! Start calling around to get some quotes, compare the prices and don’t be afraid to say if you have been offered a better quote elsewhere as this may help you to get a cheaper deal.5.    Set!Set the date for moving, book a date for removals and stick to it! You do not want to lose any pre-paid deposit paid to removal firm!6.    Pack!Pack carefully or allow the packers to do it, try to avoid costly mistakes by doing a rushed job of the packing.7.    Load!Allow the removals to load the van, they are trained to do it and they are experts at dong it. You may want to help but it’s not worth pulling a muscle over it, you’ve paid for this service so you should allow the removal men to do it for you!8.    Arrange!Tell the removal men to place each box or item in their required room within the new property rather than all placed in one room! It saves you having to struggle to rearrange it all later and it helps for when you come to sort through it all.9.    Sort again!Sort out your goods ASAP, check for breakages in case an insurance claim is needed and check that everything is there and nothings been left behind.10.    Settle!Finally, you’re in! It’s time to settle in and enjoy your new home. Try not to worry about getting it all perfect right away, concentrate on what’s important and prioritise your time to that, the rest can wait until later!And breathe! Enjoy your new home!