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Using a Man and Van Service Successfully

The man and van concept has been in existence for over 30 years and it is basically a small removal company which tends to be more flexible than that of the larger specialized removal companies in that much smaller loads which consist of anything from a heavy box up to a full house removal can be taken on.Choosing a man and van over a removal company has many advantages and of course one important one is cost. The prices for most man and van services will generally be around one third to half of the cost compared to removal specialists. The hirer also has more control over the whole operation including the packing and unpacking, dates can be more flexible with some and there will normally be more man and van companies within your local area than there will be removal firms. This has the benefit of keeping down the travel costs for fuel and the drivers’ time, therefore resulting in a lower cost to the hirer. Hiring a man and van is not such a good option for those of us who are not good at planning and who are generally unorganized. As a rule of thumb the less time the driver spends on the road the lower the bill will be. Keep everything well organized on the day so there’s no standing around using precious time and money. The driver is at your disposal so use his time efficiently and you will reap the benefits financially.It’s also worth asking your chosen company if they offer an alternative of payment options, for example some will give you the choice of hiring their staff and vehicle by the hour or day or a total price for the whole job. These options are all worth thinking carefully about and choosing the best one for you can save a heap of money. For a whole house removal it will often be more cost effective to request a quote for the whole job whilst if you have a smaller quantity of goods that you simply want to be moved from one place to another in one van load, a cost per hour can work out best. The total distance that the van will be expected to travel is also a major factor in the end price of the move. Man and van services will typically have smaller vehicles than you would expect from a larger removal company therefore the man and van will need to make more journeys than a large vehicle used by removal companies. Remember then: for long journeys with a large load choose a reputable specialized removal firm, and for a smaller lot which will be moved over a short or long distance, the man and van is your best choice.Before settling on the man and van you wish to use it’s always advisable to get some knowledge of their reputation. Ask them to show you their customer feedback logs if they have one, or they may provide some other written proof of customer satisfaction. Ask how long their company has been in existence, quite often you will find that a long standing company will have built a good reputation of clientele. Make sure their vehicles are modern and clean, they should offer insurance for goods in transit to provide security for their clients in the event of accidental damage to their belongings. When the man and van company has satisfied all of your criteria then you will be presented with a contract agreement that both parties will sign. The date of work will be agreed as will the total price. You may be asked for a small deposit also.