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What to Bring For Your Cat on Holiday

Travelling with your pet cat can be a much more challenging ordeal than doing so with another person. For one, you can't expect a cat to do anything for itself and it will require much attention form you. Also, pets need special arrangements when it comes to transportation. In addition to your own difficulties, your cat will also be subjected to a lot of travel-related stress. Here are a few ideas to help reduce your cat's stress levels, which in turn can help reduce your own anxieties: -

Pack a bed for your cat. Having a comfortable place to sleep and rest that has the scent of home will help your cat ease into the new surroundings. -

Bring a litter box. You may be able to find restrooms on the road and wherever you're headed, but what about your feline friend? Be sure to have a litter box ready that is relatively small and easy to handle. There are litter boxes designed specifically for car use. -

Food and water. Don't make your cat wait to eat and drink until you get to your final destination, especially if the trip is going to take a couple of hours. Have snacks and refreshments ready for them.